We offer the following education contents in VET, YTH, ADU, HE and SCH:

– Creative use of ICT.
– Career guidance and career planning.
– Disability technology and sports education.
– Hand on STEM
– Renewable energy
– Self-sports, healthy eating and wellbeing.
– Sport psychology
– Emotional well-being.
– Information literacy.
– Climate literacy
– IA literacy.
– Use of VR, AR and XR in SCH, YTH, ADU, VET and HE education.
– E-health and smart city adaptation.
– Additive Manufacturing in Tool Making field.
– Computational thinking.
– Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial way of learning.
– Circular economy.
– Inclusive Language Education (ILE)

Our human resources have deep knowledge on:

– STE(A)M.
– Designing and technical VET workshops.
– Delivering Non-Formal training.
– Delivering soft skills development training.
– Developing and implementing educational curricula.
– Developing game-based pedagogical strategy.
– Developing tool-kit and OERs.
– Developing e-learning platforms and user friendly mobile Apps.
– E-Learning modules creation.
– Hands on evaluation.
– Conduction of specific researches.
– Non-Formal education,
– Technical VET workshop development.
– VR, XR, NFT and AR.

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